250717 - TechLadies

26 Jul 2017

Aaaaand I’m in!

So - day 1, I’m attempting to do this thing with TechLadies where they have the open information, pre-bootcamps and all.


So they say, make your own website with Ruby on Rails before you join the bootcamp, etc. I’m like, ok no clue what Rails is but here goes…

I whip out my handy dandy search engine Google, bam, tutorial on Ruby on Rails. I’m like, this is quite complicated but ok, let’s do Chapter 1 today…


I have to say, the guide’s great. It’s literally step-by-step, you learn everything (the hard way) but honestly, one minor screw up and I have no clue what I can do to resolve the issue. I whip out Google again, get myself into a bigger mess, and rope the boyfriend in to help.


What I realised after, is that there are wayyyy simpler tutorials at TechLadies


PLUS there are video tutorials, powerpoint slides, etc…

Awesome possum. Much more straightforward. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to recover my burnt brain - see you guys tomorrow.



so via rails tutorial, you really set up from scratch and get everything online. like, it’s literally on the www. like, properly. hence the necessary step to involve Heroku.

at TechLadies, it’s up on the internet sure, but it’s through Cloud9, meaning if in the future like more than 20 people visit your website it will like, crash or something. (according to my teeny tiny understanding)

so if you just want to create your webpage and be done, go via TechLadies. if you have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) and want to know everything (no matter how painful it is) - go ahead for rails tutorial!