290817 - Precourse Completion

29 Aug 2017

whew - finally completed the pre-course work for GA! tons of work more to do before i even get vaguely familiar with working things out on python, but i must say it has been an eye-opener. the statistic parts were particularly difficult! i did enjoy the challenge of wrapping my head around the concepts but i definitely need to get my fundamentals right - so many times i was guessing what to input!

another rock to surmount is i think my inability to yet fully visualise what i am doing with the data before the final step (due to my weak basics i must imagine).

on a brighter note, having cleared all the fundamentals (definitely still need practice though) - i am now free to play around! there’s ProjectEuler.Net and Hackerrank for practice problems - exciting times ahead!!!

on a separate note, it’s but just slightly over a month since i began this, i do think i have had a fairly good start (never would have imagined i would have covered so much in just a month) but there is still a long road ahead! i cannot even begin to imagine how things will be like after 3 months of the crash course! #exciteds