070917 - Github

07 Sep 2017

soooo today i am getting around to cleaning up my Github! in a terrible mess really. what prompted me to do so was because yesterday i went for a data gathering sort of stuff, gave my Github username to get access, and i was sooo embarrassed at how messy and unprofessional it was!

in any case, i have REMEDIED THAT TODAY hah. also getting my shit together so that i can get around to building up my portfolio.

it’s going to be a long journey, but baby steps! nobody ever accomplished anything great in one day, right? …right?

also since I have managed to scrap by all the pre-course required for GA, i am busying myself with some SQL in the meantime, apparently it’s pretty important and useful when using it in Pandas in Python anyways.

maybe someday when i get my head around the basics of data cleaning, exploratory data analysis (EDA) properly, that’s when i can progress to some machine learning… i look forward to that day LOL.

in the meantime, if anyone has any handy tips on data cleaning and EDA please drop me a note and i would be eternally grateful.

in other news, the guys from DataKind are doing some pretty cool work here in Singapore - check them out!