041017 - Hans Rosling

04 Oct 2017

Have you seen Hans Rosling’s Ted Talk?

Amazing, Inspiring.


I think upon reflection, it is so important to constantly remind my/ourselves why Hans was so effective in his presentation.

He told a story, he knew the context, and with the large amount of data, was able to present a motion picture of how the world evolved - and this moving picture, this evolution of our world as shown by data, is so important. It is more so important when we have so much data collected every second, the IOT, it gives us a complete picture which cannot value add if it is just a single snapshot, motionless - rather it has to be communicated in one single, fluid motion.

He highlights that this may not be for statisticians, taking the mean, it is not precise enough - and that is exactly the point. This is for hypotheses formulation.

For policy formulation, as he highlights, it is critical to drill down to the details, and localise your policies to each group of individuals.

He showed us the capability as he broke each big circle down into smaller ones. What an incredible man.