06 Nov 2017

its just been crazy how much has changed in the past two days, with the help of my trusty personal python teacher (aka my boyfriend lol)

for all aspiring new website creators, i have to recommend this - bootstrap.

use the example below, use the starter template.

this is the critical page that will help you get through stuff simply.

two days ago if you had told me my website would look like this, i’d be like ‘i don’t think this will happen in the next week?’

one month ago if you had told me this, i’d be like ‘i need to figure out HOW to actually deploy this THING first, much less talk about beautifying it’

of course, three months ago i would have been like ‘ya la, of course can, just use tumblr la? maybe the graphs will be quite challenging but can use googlemaps…?’ #naive

lol - in any case really thankful for all the help i’ve received, otherwise i’d still be struggling. tip of the day - GET HELP! from your friends, online, whoever. you don’t ask, you don’t get.

this is almost like, webdev?!