101217: ML MOOC

10 Dec 2017

so i’ve been away for awhile - been busy with the first three weeks of GA (already 2 projects submitted!) and keeping my social life alive (it is possible, yes).

so far it’s been good and plenty of learning (not just from the teacher but also fellow classmates!), but i do look forward to the machine learning bits!!

exciting stuff.

i went to google how to access free machine learning courses (because for the death of me i couldnt figure out how to get to the free coursera bits) and this seemed pretty good: https://medium.freecodecamp.org/every-single-machine-learning-course-on-the-internet-ranked-by-your-reviews-3c4a7b8026c0

just viewed the intro video of this, and i am hooked!! try it


update: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED - or, uninitialised. i am halfway through lecture and and already am thanking the gods i had i tiny bit of exposure to sigmoid functions in the previous udemy course…