How to run a GAN for beginners

08 Feb 2018


Run DCGAN on MNIST (Keras on Tensorflow)

Use the code by Rowel Atienza here:[]

Blogpost here: []

Run DCGAN on your own black and white dataset

Resize around >1500 images into 28x28 squares using the resize_centre() function in

Run DCGAN on MNIST/ Anime/ Korean Face datasets (Tensorflow)

Use the code by carpedm20 here: []

Or use the code by Lilian Weng here: []

Run Improved WGAN on MNIST (Keras on Tensorflow)

Use the code on keras-contrib here: []

Run WGAN on your own B&W/RGB dataset Pre-process at least 200 images (but ideally 2000 or more) with, and run on 2_WGAN_bw for your black and white dataset, or 2_WGAN_rgb for coloured dataset.