Fuzzy Name Matching

26 Aug 2018

Now, how do I go about doing this?

Honestly, I am so lazy it’s not even funny. If there is any free API or library that can do this… PLEASE TELL ME.

Top of the list to try out is csvlink: https://github.com/dedupeio/csvdedupe

I might try out https://www.rosette.com/capability/name-matching/ but I think it will start costing money soon!

Otherwise… #manualit


I guess https://github.com/psolin/cleanco helps?



(p.s. - not quite mentioning the typical levenshtein since everyone’s talking about it already)

Also, lazy me will try it out first before searching for more stuff LOL

random - another interesting problem relating to names: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39680624/matching-company-names-in-the-news-data-using-python