05 Oct 2019

as usual, TIME FLIES.

and as usual - late to the game: DOCKER.

always heard so much about it but never really got the chance to properly sit down and use it!

from now on… no more installations on the local desktop!!

maybe. lol

1) docker pull <image name> : just pull whatever image you want to use!

2) docker ps: lists all the running containers currently

3) docker run -it -v '~/Desktop':'~/mnt' -p <remote server port>:<container port> /bin/bash

-v flag mounts the Desktop folder to the mnt folder in the container - shared filesystem! -it is necessary for the simulated terminal session (bash) -p maps the port of the remote server to the container port, so that you can access jupyter notebook from your local computer later!

4) ctrl-p-q to detach from the container (it keeps running in the background!) 5) ``ctrl-c quits and stops the container. docker rm` removes the container.