Command Line

26 Jan 2020

Table of Contents

pwd - print working directory. prints where you are currently at ls - lists contents in current folder cd - brings you back to home folder cd ~/World - brings you to a specific folder in the stated path.

clear - clears all scrollback (all the text above). does not clear history. press command + up-arrow to scroll back up.


mkdir - makes a new directory (folder) rm - removes a directory. including -r deletes all subfolders as well. permanently deletes the file. if you would like a prompt before you actually delete it, include an -i (aka press -ri instead). mv filename location - moves a directory. if there is already a file with the same name in the folder, it will automatically overwrite it (!) mv filename newfilename - renames a file. also automatically overwrites anything with the same name (!)


create a file, and make a change.

git init - initialises git git status - checks on the status. highlights untracked files git add scene-1.txt - adds files to be tracked

make another change in the file.

git diff scene-1.txt- tracks and shows you the changes made to the file git commit -m "Completed Scene 1" - commits (saves) the changes to the repository with the comment

git log - returns the log of the changes made